Financial Information – Hurst Green Parish Council

Financial Information

The Parish Council is financed through a precept, an amount of money calculated as an estimate for the coming financial year and collected as part of your Council Tax. This money is used to improve facilities and services for local people. The Parish Council is also able to apply for other funding, such as grants and awards.

Hurst Green Parish Council actively encourage input from residents on what the community needs, so that we can budget for that activity.

  • Financial Year 2016 / 2017

    View financial documents relating to the financial year 2016/2017

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  • Financial Year 2015 / 2016

    View financial documents relating to the financial year 2015/2016

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  • Financial Year 2020 / 2021

    View all Class 2 documents relating to the Council’s expenditure and regulatory affairs – “what we spend and how we spend it”. Please note that some documents are only published once the Council’s financial year has ended.

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